Board of Directors

Bobby WollockPresident, Executive Committee*
Gedalia KerznerCo-Treasurer, Programming Committee, Finance Committee
Lori CohenVice President, Executive Committee
Steve SenmanCo-Treasurer, Finance Committee, Executive Committee
William MossGabbai, Vice President, Executive Committee
Dorite AssoulineChesed Committee
Harry BeckHouse Committee
Ilya IoschikhesRitual Committee*
Marsha KaisermanChesed Sub-Committee
Brian KingstoneProgramming Committee*
Katherine MossSecretary
Arthur RabinovitchFinance Committee, Security Committee*
Sara BreinerRabbi Search Committee*, Finance Committee, Ritual Committee
Ian SadinskyFinance Committee
Rabbi Zischa ShapsFinance Committee

* indicates Chairperson/Point of Contact

Executive Committee Members are ex-officio members of all other committees.