Congregation Beit Tikvah of Ottawa
Parashat Va’etchana
Shabbat Nachamu
August 20 – 26, 2016   15 Av  – 21
, 5776
Sefer Torah Project Sponsors: Elaine and Marten Brodsky

Marion Silver and Alan Brass and family on the engagement of their son, Rafi to Lee Reichman.

Gavin and Svetlana Segal on the loss of Gavin’s father, Avrum Dovid Mussard z’l
Rhoda and Jeff Miller on the loss of Rhoda’s mother, Anna-Ruth (Rickie) Saslove z’l.
May Gavin & Svetlana and Rhoda & Jeff and their families be comforted among the mourners of Tzion and Yerushalayim.

Leonard and Sara Kerzner in commemoration of the yahrzeit of Leonard’s father Shimon Kerzner z’l.


  • One year ago, Sheli Braun, together with her husband Rabbi Ely Braun, left Ottawa to make Aliya. On Shabbat, September 3rd during Seudah Shlishit following Mincha, Sheli Braun will be back visiting Ottawa and will be speaking at CBTO about her experiences:  the topic, “Israel – Making Aliyah – One Year Later”.
  • Monday, September 5th at 4:00 pm – Annual Beit Tikvah BBQ Fun for all ages! Food, friends, and a bouncy castle for children 12 and under, Teen programming for kids aged 13-15. This event will be catered by Creative Kosher Catering.
  • Shabbat, September 17th – Please join Beit Tikvah as we honour Rabbi Howard and Rivka Finkelstein on their 25th anniversary with our Shul with a Kiddush Luncheon. For those who are interested in sponsoring this Kiddush please contact the office.

MORNING TOT SHABBAT PROGRAM: FOR CHILDREN 0-7 YEARS OF AGE FROM   10:30 – 11:30 AM. Please join us for prayers, singing, stories, games, and snacks. Parents are encouraged to accompany their children ages 2 and under.

We wish a Refuah Shlemah to:  Karen Crowther, Jean Gurevitch, Sara Kerzner, and Rabbi Yehuda Simes.

NO SCENTS MAKES GOOD SENSE: Please avoid the use of perfumes and colognes in the shul.

It has become almost de rigueur for inspirational speakers on the Jewish lecture circuit to tell outlandish stories about faith which many believe to be true. Somehow the regaling of a maaseh’le will influence the listener to make a concerted change for the better. This technique is as old as midrash and aggadah, although the latter two categories are designed to send a theological message to the reader, and are not old wives’ tales as we hear too often today.

I vividly recall Rabbi Moshe Tendler, the son-in-law of the late Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, threatening to ban a projected biography of his father-in-law, if that book were to relate stories about the sage that had no basis in truth. The tendency to almost deify great rabbis of the past is a dangerous pastime.

If the intent of these stories is to engender faith, perhaps it is best to revert back to the greatest book on Emunah, the book of Devarim, and especially the parsha of the week, Vaetchanan. Moshe describes in vivid detail the weltanschauung, or world view of Judaism, and the role of the Jewish people in their relationship with G-d. There is no greater volume on Emunah than this biblical reading.
One aspect of this world view concentrates on the need to preserve the law of the Torah as given without diminishing or exaggerating its importance. Rashi, commenting on the phrase, ‘you shall not add.  . . . or subtract’ from the laws of the Torah, indicates one should not add a fifth parsha to the four that are placed in the tefillin, or subtract one of the four species that one shakes on Succot.  While Rashi explains by example what it means not to add or subtract from the laws of the Torah, there is a deeper message that the Torah brings out.

Any addition or diminution of the laws of the Torah results inevitably in the rejection of the entire concept of a G-d given Torah at Sinai. The very fact that the Torah repeats twice the phrase in the above quoted sentence that G-d has commanded these laws to the people of Israel today is a warning to readers not to go down the route that many have, who have rejected the fact that G-d gave us the Torah.
The slippery slope of revision and rejection manifested itself in the early days of the reform movement in Germany that at first modified some laws of the Torah, abandoned certain practices, and eventually developed a philosophy that indeed the Torah was not G-d given, but man-made. One could hope for Divine inspiration, but Divine Revelation was irrelevant. The net result of the rejection of the Divine authorship of the Torah was the abandonment of Jewish law, and eventually the loss of Jewish identity.

Unfortunately, it is not surprising that an overwhelming number of atheists today are of Jewish origin. One cannot help but posit that this phenomenon has its roots in ancestral denial of the Divine authorship of the Torah, and the concomitant rejection of its laws.

Interestingly, Rashi comments that those who follow in G-d’s ways and laws are admired by the nations of the world. Those who do not are deemed foolish by those around them.  The promulgation of illiterate and ignorant generations of Jews today in North American and elsewhere is not surprising. Perhaps we should be investing our time and efforts to have our young read the chapters of Va’etchanan to gain a better perspective of who we are, from where we come, and to where we are going in life.

YAHRZEITS TO BE OBSERVED NEXT WEEK: August 21-27, 2016: (Yahrzeits commence on the evenings prior to the dates listed below)

Phillip Sherwood z’l, father of Jacqueline Sitwell observed on August 21st
Issie Beer z’l, father of Iris Beer observed on August 22nd
Elimelech Frenkel z’l, grandfather of Neil Frenkel observed on August 23rd
Yefim Markov z’l, father of Svetlana Segal observed on August 23rd
Evelyn Potechin z’l, aunt of Sue Potechin observed on August 23rd
Hyman Haber z’l, father of Candice Wilder observed on August 24th
Michael Sandler z’l, grandfather of Aaron Sandler observed on August 25th
Alexander Laks z’l, father of Herbert Laks observed on August 26th
Ida Glimcher z’l, mother of Manuel Glimcher observed on August 27th
Bella Huniu z’l, mother of Lazzar Huniu observed on August 27th
Marcus Max Isserlin z’l, grandfather of Jonathan Isserlin observed on August 27th
Sylvia Kaiman z’l, mother of Steve Kaiman observed on August 27th
Esther Nadler z’l, grandmother of Howard Nadler observed on August 27th
Harry Silver z’l, father of Marion Silver observed on August 27th


 Door Monitors: 9:30 Aklilu Afowerk 10:00 Lou Davis 10:30 Lou Davis 11:00 Leslie Breiner 11:30 Ben Gailor 11:50 Marvin Krym 12:10 Barry Mandelker  

NEW!  A Loud Shul on a Quiet Shabbat – 
Starting this Shabbat, our shul is playing board games. From 2:30 -5:00 during long Shabbat days, we will be hosting community board games in the basement. Bring your friends, bring your kids, bring your board games. Not into board games? Come between 5:00pm and Mincha to learn at your own pace with our wonderful selection of books both in English or Hebrew. Based on demand, classes and study partners could be arranged.

  1. GEMARA: Wednesday evenings after Ma’ariv. Please check calendar in case of shifting.
  2. SHABBAT CLASSES:  Parsha and Halacha class between Mincha and Ma’ariv


JFS: is looking for a weekly visitor to play cards/games, watch movies, and otherwise just hang out with an isolated woman with mobility issues who is now housebound.  Riverside Dr.  Please call the Volunteer Desk at 613.722.2225 to help.

VOLUNTEER IN ISRAEL:  Sar El, volunteers for Israel, is having a Meet and Greet on August 24, 2016 at the JCC at7PM.  Hear about how you can volunteer on a military base in Israel. Meet some volunteers who have gone on the program. For more information, contact me at sadinsky@magma.ca.

TEN YAD KOSHER PANTRIES: are located at the Queensway Carleton Hospital and the Ottawa Hospital at both the General Campus and Civic Campuses. Each pantry is stocked with kosher non-perishable food items and religious resources that may be useful to patients, their families and their caregivers.

SIDDURIM: Dedication cost of Koren or ArtScroll $50

STONE EDITION CHUMASH: Dedication cost is $90

KOREN TALMUD BAVLI:  Rav Steinsaltz. Dedication cost is $100.

KADDISH FUND: Ensure that the tradition of saying Kaddish is recited on your behalf in commemoration of your family member for the 11 months. We suggest a contribution of $360.

A brick on the Wall of Honour $118
A leaf on the Eitz Chaim $180
A memorial plaque on the Yahrzeit Board $300 each
A boulder for the Eitz Chaim $360

NEW! TALLIT FUND: Our community has been fortunate to share countless simchas over the past years, many of which bring visitors and guests to our shul. As we look forward to future simchas, we are in the process of replacing the tallitot available near the entrance, and hope to purchase 12 new ones. There are two options for donating to the new Tallit Fund: sponsoring an entire tallit for $118, or contributing towards a tallit in the amount of your choosing. Sponsors of $118 or more will be honored with a plaque. May our CBTO family go from simcha to simcha!


Building Enhancement
Marion Silver and Alan Brass in honour of Rafi’s engagement to Lee Reichman
By Anna and Hy Rabinovitch
Rhoda and Jeff Miller in memory of Rickie Saslove z’l
By Roz and Steve Fremeth

Rabbi Howard and Rivka Finkelstein in honour of their 25th anniversary with Beth Shalom West & Beit Tikvah
By Paula, Jordan and Sarena Silver
By Marcia and Arie Lubienietzky
Deborah and Lou Davis in honour of David’s engagement to Nina Osterer
By Sara and Leslie Breiner
Shoshana Breiner in appreciation
By Maxine and Arthur Rabinovitch
A donation has been made in loving memory of our Zaidy Issie Beer z’l.
By Iris Beer, Jesse, Lindsay and Cassandra
Ellen Osterer in honour of Nina’s engagement to David Davis
By Sara and Leslie Breiner

Froma Rose in honour of Eliana’s engagement to Avi Porter
By Sylvia and Amnon Pasher

Cheryl Leyton and Manuel Glimcher in memory of Gert Leyton z’l
By Barbara Veder and Barry Mandelker

Deborah and Lou Davis in honour of David’s engagement to Nina Osterer
By Leah Cohen-Gaynes and Bruce Gaynes
Froma Rose in honour of Eliana’s engagement to Avi Porter
By Leah Cohen-Gaynes and Bruce Gaynes
A donation has been made in honour of the Kaiserman Families
By Barbara and David Passman
Cheryl Leyton and family in memory of Gert Leyton z’l
By Leah Cohen-Gaynes and Bruce Gaynes
Gavin Segal and family in memory of Avrum Dovid Mussard z’l
By Marsha and  Murray Kaiserman

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