Congregation Beit Tikvah of Ottawa
Parashat Pinchas
July 30 – August 5, 2016   23 Tammuz  – 29
, 5776
Sefer Torah Project Sponsors: Marion Silver and Alan Brass,
Vera Kadar, Candice and Stan Wilder

The office will be closed this Friday, July 29th.

Deborah and Lou Davis to commemorate the yahrzeit of Lou’s mother, Marion Davis z’l, as well as Susan Marcus, Rebecca and Hannah Silver in honour of Mark’s special birthday.

We wish a Refuah Shlemah to:  Karen Crowther, Jean Gurevitch, Sara Kerzner, and Rabbi Yehuda Simes.

NO SCENTS MAKES GOOD SENSE: Please avoid the use of perfumes and colognes in the shul.

YAHRZEITS TO BE OBSERVED NEXT WEEK: July 31-August 6, 2016: (Yahrzeits commence on the evenings prior to the dates listed below)

Marion Davis z’l, mother of Louis Davis observed on July 31st
Leah Friedberg z’l, grandmother of Elaine Friedberg observed on July 31st
Peter Bar-Noy z’l, step-father of Marion Silver observed on August 1st
Tillie Dale z’l, mother of Bob Dale observed on August 3rd
Zlata (Zena) Stern z’l, sister of Sara Kerzner observed on August 3rd
Margarete Laks z’l, mother of Herbert Laks observed on August 4th
Barry Presser z’l, father of Morris Presser observed on August 4th
Reuven Lightstone z’l, father of Leonard Lightstone observed on August 5th
Ben Roth z’l, father of Barbara Herland observed on August 5th
Henry Sitwell z’l, father of Lucian Sitwell observed on August 5th


 Door Monitors: 9:30 Harold Schwartz 10:00 Doug Schulek-Miller 10:30 Marvin Krym 11:00 Mark Silver 11:30 Vera Kadar 11:50 David Harary 12:10 Les Breiner

Ellis will be away from Loblaws until August 7th. Please contact the shul office until then.


JFS: is looking for a weekly visitor to play cards/games, watch movies, and otherwise just hang out with an isolated woman with mobility issues who is now housebound.  Riverside Dr.  Please call the Volunteer Desk at 613.722.2225 to help.

TEN YAD KOSHER PANTRIES: are located at the Queensway Carleton Hospital and the Ottawa Hospital at both the General Campus and Civic Campuses. Each pantry is stocked with kosher non-perishable food items and religious resources that may be useful to patients, their families and their caregivers.

SIDDURIM: Dedication cost of Koren or ArtScroll $50

STONE EDITION CHUMASH: Dedication cost is $90

KOREN TALMUD BAVLI:  Rav Steinsaltz. Dedication cost is $100.

KADDISH FUND: Ensure that the tradition of saying Kaddish is recited on your behalf in commemoration of your family member for the 11 months. We suggest a contribution of $360.

A brick on the Wall of Honour $118
A leaf on the Eitz Chaim $180
A memorial plaque on the Yahrzeit Board $300 each
A boulder for the Eitz Chaim $360

NEW! TALLIT FUND: Our community has been fortunate to share countless simchas over the past years, many of which bring visitors and guests to our shul. As we look forward to future simchas, we are in the process of replacing the tallitot available near the entrance, and hope to purchase 12 new ones. There are two options for donating to the new Tallit Fund: sponsoring an entire tallit for $118, or contributing towards a tallit in the amount of your choosing. Sponsors of $118 or more will be honored with a plaque. May our CBTO family go from simcha to simcha!


Building Enhancement
Howard Nadler wishing him happy 65th birthday
By Bev and Mark Steinberg
Fay and Abe Schwartz in memory of Luba Bernard z’l
By Roz and Steve Fremeth
By Bonnie and Chuck Merovitz

Leah Cohen-Gaynes in appreciation
By Naomi and Marvin Krym
Rosalie and Harold Schwartz in honour of the marriage
of Leah to Jeff Engel
By Susan and David Harary
Irit and Harry in honour of the birth of their granddaughter,
Liat Nava
By Naomi and Marvin Krym
Rabbi Dovid Vinitsky and Shaindel Simes in memory
of Kaila Silkes z’l
By Naomi and Marvin Krym

Eitz Chaim
A leaf has been dedicated on the Tree of Life in memory
of Sylvia Kaiman z’l

By Janet, Stephen, Tobin and Aaron Kaiman

Mark Silver wishing him a happy birthday
By Elaine and Marten Brodsky
Irit and Harry in honour of the birth of their granddaughter,
Liat Nava
By Elaine and Marten Brodsky
Rabbi Dovid Vinitsky and Shaindel Simes in memory
of Kaila Silkes z’l
By Elaine and Marten Brodsky

Marlene Brownstein and Victor Eichenwald in appreciation

   By Sara and Leslie Breiner

15 Chartwell Avenue, Nepean, ON K2G 4K3
Phone 613-723-1800 / Fax 613-723-6567 / Web Site www.cbto.org
Rabbi Howard Finkelstein rabbihoward.finkelstein@gmail.com
Howard Nadler, President howardnadler@rogers.com

Elisheva Brantz, Office Administrator 

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CBTO is on Facebook

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