Congregation Beit Tikvah of Ottawa
Parashat Vayetze
November 19 – 27, 2015        7 Kislev – 15, 5776
Sefer Torah Sponsors: Maxine and Arthur Rabinovitch


Mazal Tov to Aaron and Laura Kaiserman on Aaron completing his PhD. Mazal Tov is 
also e
xtended to Aaron’s parents Marsha and Murray Kaiserman.

We warmly welcome the Ottawa Torah Institute (OTI) students to the shul this Shabbat.

Shabbat, December 5th: Beit Tikvah welcomes OJSC students to the Shul
Sunday, December 6th: Join us for our family Chanukah program on Sunday, December 6 from 2:30-5:30 pm. This event will feature an exciting Mad Science show, clay dreidel making, food, friends, and Menorah lighting, and we hope you can join us. Cost: $18/family or $10/person. Please RSVP by December 1 to

We wish a Refuah Shlemah to: Lynne Cohen Ben-Ami, Jean Gurevitch, Sara Kerzner, Elana Siegman, Paula Silver, and Rabbi Yehuda Simes.

NO SCENTS MAKES GOOD SENSE: Please avoid the use of perfumes and colognes in the shul.


We are all horrified by the recent events in Paris, and despite the fact that ISIS attacks are being commonplace, we do not become immune or inured to the terrible scenes we are witnessing  in these concerted efforts to destroy civilization. Westerners feel the tragedy of Paris more so than the downing of a Russian jet by Isis or a suicide bomb in Beirut, because their values mirror those extant in France. These events hit home.
We as Jews feel doubly the effects of these attacks because of our own history and experience with those who have tried to destroy us. The ongoing terrorist attacks, albeit on a low scale in Israel, makes us all wary of the future of Palestinian-Israeli relations. Each attack on an Israeli is perceived as an attack on each of us.
It is in light of what is happening in Israel at the hands of terrorists and what is taking place at the hands of ISIS and Al-Qaeda outside of Israel that bring into focus the words of G-d to Jacob, and the latter’s response. G-d tells Jacob that He will protect our patriarch wherever he goes, and Jacob’s answer that he will dedicate himself to the service of the Lord. Our normative commentators practically unanimously address these statements as affirmations that Jacob will not veer off the path set by his father and grandfather despite living with his nefarious father-in-law, Laban, in Aram.
However, on reflection, and on reviewing Jewish History and the contemporary scene, G-d’s guarantee of protection and Jacob’s affirmation of that protection should not be construed as only something spiritual. It is physical. The attacks by ISIS on its various targets are harbingers of what this movement hopes to perpetrate against the Jewish people, be they in Israel or in the Diaspora. We as human beings react with revulsion when we see what happened in Paris, the Sinai Peninsula and in Beirut. As Jews we have a sixth sense of what enemies of civilization would do if given the chance to attack us. We pray for the victims of these attacks, and we also pray for the safety of the world, and that of ourselves. We pray that G-d’s words to Jacob equally apply to his descendants today.

Abe Buckshon z’l, father of Mark Buckshon observed on November 21st
Lilla Klauber z’l, mother of Judith Borts observed on November 22nd
Lena Adasiewicz z’l, mother Anna Rabinovitch observed on November 23rd
Paul Katz z’l, father of Valerie Terkel observed on November 23rd
Asna Simes z’l, mother of Rabbi Yehuda Simes observed on November 23rd
Sydney Friedberg z’l, father of Elaine Friedberg observed on November 24th
Harold Kligman z’l, father of Reva Friedman observed on November 24th
Martin Leighton z’l, father of Rosalie Schwartz observed on November 24th
David Ostrega z’l, father of Ken Ostrega observed on November 24th
Morris Brodsky z’l, father of Marten Brodsky observed on November 26th
Helen Copland z’l, mother of mother Judy Lieff observed on November 26th
Sam Kardish z’l, brother of Ann Brozovsky observed on November 26th
Rabbi Hersh Leib Shapiro z’l, grandfather of Katherine Moss observed on November 26th
Nathan Weinman z’l, father-in-law of Judith Weinman observed on November 26th
Shmuel Feig z’l, father of Sara Breiner observed on November 27th


Door Monitors: 9:30 Marvin Krym 10:00 Ben Gailor 10:30 Harold Schwartz 11:00 Leah Cohen-Gaynes 11:30 Leslie Breiner11:45 Leah Cohen-Gaynes 12:00 Aklilu Afowerk 12:15 Mark Silver

This Shabbat’s Kiddush is sponsored by donations made to the Kiddush fund.

1.GEMARA: after Ma’ariv Wednesday evenings after Ma’ariv. Please check calendar in case of shifting.
2.SHABBAT CLASSES:  Parsha and Halacha class between Mincha and Ma’ariv
3.YESHIVAT TIKVAH: For high school students every Thursday at 4:15 pm

JET CLASSES AT BEIT TIKVAH ON MONDAYS AT 7:30 PM WITH RABBI TUVIA HOFFMAN: “Derech Hashem†(The Way of G-d), one of the great books of Kabbalah. Come learn the secrets of the universe. Please contact rabbihoffman@jetottawa.com for more information. 

Please see a list of special programs during Holocaust Education Month posted in the lobby at Beit Tikvah.

KOLLEL OF OTTAWA: The Harry H. Beren ASK OU Outreach Program and The Ottawa Va’ad Hakashrut Invite you to attend a Kashrut Lecture, UNDERSTANDING THE INGREDIENT PANEL from a red flag to a red herring Monday, November 23 at 8pm The Kollel of Ottawa 1762 Carling Ave. Ottawa, Ontario Canada. For more Information please call: 613-225-5829      ×œ×–כות רחל ×—× ×” שתחי’ בת ×‘×™×œ× ×œ×¨×¤×•××” שלימה

To help with any of these opportunities, please contact the JFS Volunteer Recruitment desk at 613.722.2225, ext. 315 or lbogdonov@jfsottawa.com 

  1. Highly isolated 74 yr old woman with chronic pain issues would really benefit from a friendly visitor every week or two, either in her home or for outings.  Merivale South/Hunt Club area.
  2.  Another client in the Wilbrod/Charlotte area would also benefit greatly from a friendly visitor to break her isolation.  Very pleasant, chatty Shoah survivor may sometimes be up for outings, as well.
  3. A very pleasant new volunteer living in Kanata is interested in opportunities to practice his English.  He has a car and can drive, but doesn’t know the city very well yet.
  4. KMOW is desperate for drivers on both the Wednesday morning Alta Vista/east end route and the Friday morning west end route (winter months only).  In all cases, meals are picked up at the Hillel Lodge shipping doors at 10:00am and take less than an hour to complete.  Reimbursement is $5.50/route, dispersed quarterly.

TEN YAD KOSHER PANTRIES: are located at the Queensway Carleton Hospital and the Ottawa Hospital at both the General Campus and Civic Campuses. Each pantry is stocked with kosher non-perishable food items and religious resources that may be useful to patients, their families and their caregivers. 

SJCC Adult Education Programs: For full descriptions of these and other SJCC Fall courses please see www.jccottawa.com and follow the link to Adult Programs. Contact: Roslyn Wollock (613) 798-9818 ext. 254. 
Sunday, November 29th, 1:30pm Social Hall A SJCC Admission: $10
Author talk with award-winning author and long-time Montreal Gazette literary columnist Elaine Kalman Naves. Elaine will discuss and read from her debut novel, The Book of Faith. 

SIDDURIM: Dedication cost of Koren or ArtScroll $50
STONE EDITION CHUMASH: Dedication cost is $90

KOREN TALMUD BAVLI by Rav Steinsaltz. Dedication cost is $100.
KADDISH FUND: Ensure that the tradition of saying Kaddish is recited on your behalf in commemoration of your family member for the 11 months. We suggest a contribution of $360.
       A brick on the Wall of Honour $118
       A leaf on the Eitz Chaim $180
       A memorial plaque on the Yahrzeit Board $300 each
       A boulder for the Eitz Chaim $360

Building Enhancement
Ian Sadinsky wishing him a refuah shlemah
   By Irit and Harry Beck            
   By Roz and Steve Fremeth
   By Faigy and Zachary Muroff

In commemoration of the yahrzeit of the father of Vivane Ohana, Isaac Ohana z’l
     By Viviane Ohana and Howard Sandler

Brian Mordfield and family in memory of Nadine z’l
   By Irit and Harry Beck
Faye and Michael Thorek in honour of the birth of your grandson, Sol Eli
   By Irit and Harry Beck
Ian Sadinsky wishing him a refuah shlemah
   By Marcia and Barry Cantor
   By Sara and Leslie Breiner
   By Elaine Friedberg, Bob Dale and Jonathan
Gila and Ilan Metz in appreciation
   By Kathi and Irwin 
Susan and Bobby in honour of the birth of their daughter, Amelia Sarah
   By Marcia and Barry Cantor
Shaindel Simes in memory of her mother Rochel Vinitzky z’l
   By Marcia and Barry Cantor
Lisa and Harold Sandell in honour of the birth of their grandson
   By Marcia and Arie Lubienietzky
Ruth Nadler wishing her a refuah shlemah
   By Maxine and Arthur Rabinovitch
Janet and Jonathan Isserlin in appreciation
   By Sophie and Neil Frenkel
Brian Mordfield and family in memory of Nadine z’l
   By Maxine and Arthur Rabinovitch and family
Ian Sadinsky wishing him a refuah shlemah
   By Naomi and Marvin Krym
Lisa and Harold Sandell in honour of the birth of their grandson
   By Marsha and Murray Kaiserman
Ros Wollock in honour of the birth of her granddaughter, Amelia Sarah
   By Naomi and Marvin Krym
Susan and Bobby in honour of the birth of their daughter, Amelia Sarah
   By Naomi and Marvin Krym
Marsha and Murray Kaiserman in honour of their son Aaron completing his PhD
   By Naomi and Marvin Krym
Aaron and Laura Kaiserman in honour of Aaron completing his PhD
   By Naomi and Marvin Krym
Ian Sadinsky wishing him a refuah shlemah
   By Adele Reinhartz and Barry Walfish
   By Judith and Ed Borts

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