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Parashat Beha’alotcha
Candle Lighting: 8:32 pm
Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat: 7:00 pm
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From the Rabbi’s Desk – Beha’alotcha: 

If this is what you are doing to me, then…(Numbers  11:15)

Moshe, our greatest rabbi, suffers through another serious round of complaints by the people of Israel regarding the lack of an interesting menu, and begs G-d to kill him rather than to allow him to see his own downfall.  Frustrated by the constant barrage of complaints by the people of Israel, Moshe seeks assistance, and G-d provides him with seventy elders chosen from among the tribes of Israel to take on some of the responsibilities of leadership that Moshe cannot bear alone.

The Maharal of Prague in discussing leadership draws a triangle with the leader at the top point, alone and bereft. The masses congregate below receiving inspiration from above, as the leader’s wisdom filters down the sides of the triangle. In the optimum configuration of the triangle, the geometric figure is flipped on its side in order to allow wisdom  to flow in both directions. The leader is no longer at the top point but benefits from all sides of that geometric figure.

Leadership is a lonely business. It doesn’t matter what kind of leader one speaks of. The leader by definition cannot claim that important mantle without making decisions that may be unpopular. Rabbi Yisrael  Salanter, the great ethicist, states that a leader who seeks popular acclaim is no leader, because such individual compromises on his or her beliefs and principles.  The leader must pay heed to the needs and thoughts of those who are led, but decisions have to be taken regardless of popular positions.

Moshe is that leader, who even risks the lashon hara, however innocent, spoken by his sister, Miriam, in order to fulfill the word of G-d in directing and inspiring his people. He must resist the rebellion of Korah, and he must restrain his anger which he fails to do in dealing with the common complaint of a lack of water available to his people in the desert.

In the narrative involving Moshe and his sister’s observations regarding her brother, G-d intervenes   to defend Moshe, warding off any statement or thought concerning his prophecy. Modern leaders do not have that luxury of Divine intervention as described in this week’s parsha. But a leader is driven by a cause of by a calling, and is not deterred from carrying out his mission or task.  For those who serve in voluntary leadership positions, the third paragraph of Yekum Purkan which we recite on Shabbat morning indicates that they receive  their heavenly reward.  We in our congregation celebrate the wonderful work of our board members, past, present and future, who take on these leadership roles to enhance our congregation. In addition, we thank all who have and continue to contribute in many different ways for the betterment of our shul. It is fitting that the parsha of Behaalotecha , containing the theme of leadership precedes the Annual General Meeting of our shul when a new board is heralded into office.


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To the Members of CBTO:

Report of the Nominating Committee

This is a list of nominees to the Board of Directors for 2017-2018, presented for election at the the Annual General meeting on June 12, 2017.

Since their number does not exceed 25 they are all acclaimed to office as Directors. The By-Laws of the congregation allow for additional nominations for election to the Board of Directors at the meeting so long as the total number of Directors does not exceed 25. The nomination of additional potential Directors at the meeting does not affect the acclamation of the people below.

The following have indicated their intention to run for President of the congregation:  Gedalia Kerzner and Howard Nadler. The members will vote for the President at the meeting after the election of the Directors.

Proxies can use the form that’s enclosed in the shul Bulletin or available in the shul lobby. It’s also permitted to use your own form, provided that it clearly has your name, is signed by you, is dated, names the proxy-holder and gives the proxy-holder whatever general or specific directions you want. Proxies should reach the shul office during the day on Monday, June 12 if possible, and if not possible at the beginning of the meeting. The proxy form is not a ballot. You must name a proxy-holder to cast a vote on your behalf.

Please come to the meeting!

Katherine Shapiro Moss
Nominating Committee

* General Donations: $18
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* Wall of Honour/brick: $118

* Yahrzeit Board:  $300
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