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Parashat Chayei Sara   – November 10 & 11

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From the Rabbi’s Desk -Parashat Chayei Sara:

As we approach Remembrance Day, we salute the men and women who paid the supreme sacrifice in defending liberty as members of the Canadian Forces. At the same time, we express our admiration for those who continue to serve today in the military, and we do not have enough words to express our appreciation and thanks to these individuals who stand on guard for freedom and democracy. May G-d bless them and their families, and bless this great country, Canada.

Returning to our Torah portion of the week, we read that Rivka on seeing Isaac for the first time falls off of our camel, and covers her face as a symbol of modesty. Isaac, on the other hand, has come to the field to meditate and supplicate before G-d.  The word the Torah uses to describe these actions of Isaac can be translated as relating to trees and to conversation. The word, ‘lasuach’, according to the Ibn Ezra refers to trees, in that Isaac goes out to commune with nature among the trees of the field. Most other commentators apply the definition of meditation and supplication, in the sense that Isaac goes out alone to speak to G-d. Hence, the relationship between siach, meaning meditation, and sichah, meaning conversation.There is no doubt that conversation is an integral part of prayer not between people but between man and G-d. While many prayers in our siddur are based on Psalms, and others are liturgical compositions by gifted rabbis, one set of prayers stands out as emblematic of conversation, i.e., the Amidah. The rabbis of the Talmud declare that Isaac invents Mincha. Obviously, whatever text he uses as cited in Chaye Sara is lost to us today, but the Amidah designed by the members of the Great Assembly remains a series of blessings that are so beautiful in their superficial simplicity and profound insight.The prayers of the Amidah are almost conversational, designed to engender and encourage kavannah or intent on the part of the supplicant.  Whether we are in the field like Isaac, in synagogue or in some other venue, we should perceive as prayer as conversation. We bring to the recitation of these prayers individual perspectives and special meaning. We look for new insight into these ancient words as we recite them thrice daily. The wording of the prayers of the Amidah is such that no emendations need be made. Though different versions of the Amidah prayer have come down to us from previous generations representing unique Nuschaot such as Ashkenaz, Sefarad, Yemienite, etc. we retain the element of conversation that underlies these prayers and blessings. We do not create our own Amidot, declaring that we are willing to forego poetic license to preserve the holiness of the words designed by the rabbis to enable us to engage in conversation with G-d. Further, each word of sacred conversation we recite with full Kavannah increases our fear of G-d and adds to our love of G-d.

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