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Parashat Chukat
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There will be no Downstairs Minyan this Shabbat due to the Canada Day Kiddush, as well as next Shabbat as we welcome the JET Shabbaton to our Shul.
Please note that Rabbi Finkelstein will be away from July 2nd-July 13th.
Should you have an emergency please contact the office.

From the Rabbi’s Desk – Chukat:                                                                    

As we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, a country whose democratic ideals and values are the envy of others, we recall the contribution and the history of the Jews who have lived here going back to the days of Ezekiel Hart. The Canadian Jewish News in its present issue features numerous instances of Jews who enriched Canada with their talents in all fields of endeavors. At the same time, we unfortunately recall declarative statements such as “None is too many” which depicted a government policy that had denied Jews entry into Canada prior to World War II. On the other side of the coin, we are gratified that today Canada is a stalwart friend of Israel regardless of which political party is in power in Ottawa.

While one can cite instances both positive and negative regarding Canada’s attitude toward Israel and the Jewish community over the course of the years, we should be thankful we are living in a country that today promotes the protection of the individual, and provides the necessary resources to enable all Canadians to benefit from universal health coverage and numerous programs.

Canada, as a multicultural mosaic, has welcomed people from all over the world, and continues to be a source of light to a world darkened by evil forces and terror.  Congratulations , Canada. May G-d continue to bless this great country.
Dvar Torah- The numerous instances mentioned in the Torah reading this week of nations that tried to prevent the entry of the Israelites into their land speak to the eventual diaspora that would envelop the Jewish community in the future. While the intent of the Torah portion is designed to demonstrate G-d’s anger at the people of Israel for listening to the false report of the ten spies, there is no great leap of faith needed to apply that same anger to the exile that Jews suffered in the aftermaths of the destructions of the Temples in Jerusalem.
However, the end of the original wanderings of the Hebrews in the wilderness end with their arrival at the banks of the Jordan. So, too, the wanderings of the Jews in the Diaspora are reaching a determined end with the founding and development of the state of Israel with its eight million Jews who call it home.

As we are entering shortly the three week period starting from the Fast of the Seventeenth of Tammuz and culminating with Tisha B’Av, we are mindful of our history of dispersion and exile and are dedicated to our prayers asking G-d for immediate redemption.


This Shabbat we welcome Nepean’s Member of Parliament, Mr. Chandra Arya.
 We are grateful to be able to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in a country blessed with democracy, multiculturalism and diversity . Mr.  Arya will be addressing the congregation, and we would would like to thank him for taking the time to be here with us on this special day.



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