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Parashat Pinchas
July 6 & 7
Mincha and Ma’ariv: 7:00 p.m.
Candle Lighting: 8:35p.m.
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Marion Silver and Alan Brass,
Candice and Stan Wilder and Vera Kadar

From the Desk of the Rabbi
דברי הרב Parashat Pinchas:

I had an interesting conversation this morning with Rabbi Benzaquen, the Ottawa Sofer, who mentioned to me he always checks new Sifrei Torah to see if the word “shalom” in the beginning of Pinchas is written correctly. The “vav” in the word “shalom” is broken. (By the way, that word is written correctly in our new Sefer Torah.)

Various commentators have weighed in on this unusual aspect of Torah writing. The Daat Zekeinim indicates that the broken “vav” is symbolic of the fact that the Kohen must be physically fit to perform the service in the sanctuary of the Temple, and that any defect would invalidate him from participating in it. Further, Pinchas is to be made aware that he should not be afraid of retribution from the tribe of Simeon for having assassinated its leader and his consort, the princess of Midian. G-d is giving him the compact of peace.

In our Jewish society today, we live with a broken “peace.” The relationships among various denominational groups may be respectable, although the underlying differences among them every so often threaten that unity. The recent and ongoing Kotel debate is but one example of that.

During the Three Weeks culminating with Tisha B’Av, we strive to mend those fissures in our communities, for the lack of mutual respect and understanding can only lead to continued senseless division. In our limited way, we try to make the word, complete.

Shul News

Rabbi Finkelstein will be away July 3rd – 12th. In case of an emergency, please contact Rabbi Tuvia Hoffman at rabbis@cbto.org
Shabbat in the Park: Shabbat, July 7th at Craig Henry Park from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm, walking club will meet at 4:00 pm (weather permitting).

Support the CBTO calendar

Add your milestones (Birthday /Anniversary) or Yahrzeit to CBTO’s community calendar. $18 per date. Please contact the office to book your date, deadline July 20.

Community News

JEWISH WAR VETERANS SCHOLARSHIP: The Jewish War Veterans of Canada, Ottawa Post, is offering two (2) $ 1000.00 scholarships to deserving Jewish students who are graduating in 2018 from secondary school and are entering university in 2018.
Applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 19 years on or before the 31st of May 2018 and be residents of the National Capital Region.
In the letter of application, candidates will provide evidence of superior qualities of leadership, good citizenship, complete school mark records including the final year,  and sportsmanship at school, within the Jewish Community and community-at-large. All applicants should provide a letter stating why they think they are eligible. Enclose any supporting material that you may think relevant.  All documentation must be received no later than July 13, 2018. Send Submissions to : Ruth Aaron  877 Maplecrest Avenue Ottawa, Ontario K2A 2Z7.
JEWISH FAMILY SERVICES: Friendly Visitors urgently needed for JFS clients!
Active senior looking for a female volunteer with a car to take her on outings like bowling, JCC Library, AJA 50+ programs, coffee dates, etc. Carling/Preston area. Senior with mobility issues is looking for a visitor who can help with her gardening.  Every 2 weeks or so.  JFS neighbourhood.
Man with mental health challenges needs transportation only for groceries/ banking/ errands every second week, during morning hours.  1-2 hours maximum commitment.  Very flexible on dates.  Vanier area. To help, please contact: 613.722.2225, ext.315
TORAH DAY SCHOOL is seeking interested members of the community to help build and sustain a strong and successful school by joining the Board as a Director.  If you wish to put your name forward, or would like further information, please send an email to nominations@torahday.ca by July 25, briefly explaining your interest and qualifications

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