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Parashat Shoftim

Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat: 7:00 pm

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Shabbat in the Park: Charing Park(weather permitting) Shabbat afternoon            from 3:30 – 5:00 pm. The walking Group will meet at 4:00 pm.

From the Rabbi’s Desk – Parashat Shoftim:                          

One of the most powerful tools in the Jewish arsenal of prayer is the recitation of psalms or Tehillim. In our congregation, many women gather on a regular basis to recite Tehillim for those who are ill. Invariably, I receive emails asking for the recitation of Tehillim for the people of Israel especially after, G-d forbid, a series of terrorist acts. There is no question that prayer and Tehillim are phenomenal instruments of supplication before G-d. I recently received an email from an individual who attributed the improved physical condition of an ill acquaintance to the power of prayer. I believe that as well.

One of the most unusual chapters of Tehillim, is Psalm 119 which is not only the longest one, but a chapter based on the Hebrew alphabet, each letter opening a series of eight sentences. The very first verse of this chapter states that those individuals who are Temimei Derech are indeed fortunate and happy. The concept of Temimut refers to the complete feeling of faith and confidence one feels when he or she is one with G-d. Temimut is reflective of what Maimonides calls the Emunah Sheleimah of the individual who does not hesitate in expressing a loyalty to, and believing in, Divine Providence.

Maimonides declares this concept of temimut, which is stated in this week’s Torah reading to be a general mitzvah not to be included in the 613 commandments. Nachmanides disagrees, and counts it as one of the Taryag Mitzvot.

Regardless, as we prepare for the Yamim Noraim of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we walk with G-d with faith and confidence that the Almighty neither slumbers nor sleeps, but watches over us.

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