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Parashat Vayigash – December 22 & 23

Candle Lighting: 4:05 pm

Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat: 4:10 pm


Rabbi Finkelstein will be out of town December 24th – January 4th.
In case of an emergency contact Rabbi Bulka 

From the Rabbi’s Desk -Parashat Vayigash:  

There is no doubt that there is a direct relationship that one can draw from the genealogy of Jacobâ’s family and the order he gives his son, Judah, to set up what Rashi calls a “beit talmud”, a house of study in the land of Goshen in Egypt. The need for educational institutions to provide for the children of Israel is of paramount importance, as the continuity and preservation of the Jewish people depend not only  on Jewish values inculcated in the home, but in large measure  on formal Jewish education provided by Jewish schools.

In commanding Judah to set up this house of study, Jacob indicates that the purpose of this structure is “lehorot”, to instruct and to guide. It should be noted that this institution is not to be regarded as an age limited entity, meaning that only one group of people can benefit. It is meant to be a school that reaches out to all generations in a common cause.

In a modern-day sense, the synagogue can serve as that centre of learning that touches all ages. However, while synagogues have taken on the role of educational leadership to provide different learning experiences for various age groups, what would happen if a synagogue adopted an approach that involved different age groups on a unified topic of interest to all, regardless of background and knowledge?

This past week, I submitted a proposal to the Federation for our shul to receive a grant for intergenerational parashat hashavua study to be developed for our membership with the plan of expanding this program across the community. This is an ambitious project, one which was developed with the assistance of Ian Sadinsky and Deena Kingstone some years ago, and unfortunately did not see the light of day. We are resurrecting this program now, with the intention of receiving funding from Federation and other sources, and a start date featuring the study of the opening parasha of Bereishit after next Simchat Torah.

Jacob’s desire to set up a Beit Talmud in Goshen is our dream here in Beit Tikvah. We have seen the successful establishment of a mini Beit Midrash that meets in our shul every Tuesday evening with classes taught by Rabbis Eleazar Durden and Michael Fine; these are in addition to classes normally offered during the balance of the week, including ones on Halacha, Parsha, and Gemara, as well various divrei Torah given during the week between Mincha and Maariv and on Shabbat morning at the upstairs and downstairs minyanim. The Rosh Chodesh programs, developed by Sara Breiner, are led by women of our congregation who share their views and knowledge of Torah and Judaism with others. We are looking forward to the continuation of these extremely important educational projects for our community.

The dissemination of Torah in our congregation is further enhanced by upcoming major shabbatonim, women’s Tehillim, women’s Megillah reading and other projects.  Our synagogue is a major centre of Torah study and practice. Therefore, we must move to the next stage, to create the environment and opportunity for intergenerational study, which will resound not only in the synagogue proper, but in people’s homes as well. More information will be shared with the congregation in the next few months about this project that I have described.


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JFS VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: JFS is in need of Friendly Visitors for a few clients.  All are isolated seniors in need of a little companionship, whether visits at home, over the phone, or going on outings.  Some will be replacements for volunteers gone south for the winter. Students welcome.  Commitment is for only 1 hour at a time, every week or twice a month.  East and West end locations.  613.722.2225, ext.315 to help.
ESL teacher needed beginning January 2018.  Beginners’ conversational English for Russian-speaking seniors, on Mondays 1:00-2:30pm, at JFS on Carling Ave. Lesson prep, room set-up/clean up, and attendance taking.  Occasional replacement for 10:30am-12 class, as well.  Conversational Russian an asset, but not required.  Call 613.722.2225, ext. 315 to volunteer.
Russian-speaking volunteer needed to help plan and organize monthly day trips, cultural activities, picnics, and potlucks for Russian-speaking seniors. To help, please call Gohar at 613.722.2225, ext.425.
Drivers urgently needed to transport clients to/from Adult Day Programs, medical appointments, and social programs.  All areas of the city needed.  613.722.2225, ext.315.

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