Support our Congregation

Beit Tikvah Donation Cards

By making a $18 minimum donation to a fund of your choice a card will be sent in your name.

Our funds include:

  • Building Enhancement (for general day-to-day upkeep of our aging building)
  • Chesed Fund (used to provide meals to congregants when a baby is born, after a major surgery/illness, or during Shiva and provides assistance to CBTO members in times of need)
  • Handicap Access (used to increase accessibility and reduce barriers throughout the building)
  • Kiddush (used to offset cost of Kiddushim for contributions under $100)
  • Library (for the purchase of books available for clergy and congregational use)
  • Security (used for security during High Holy Days and throughout the year)
  • Study in Israel (scholarships are available by letter of request to the President)
  • Youth (used for programs, babysitting and supplies for our youth)
  • Chai fund (to celebrate a life cycle event with a minimum donation of $18)

Book Dedications

  • Artscroll Machzor (Rosh Hashanah OR Yom Kippur) $50 each or $80 for both
  • Koren Talmud Bavli by Rav Steinsaltz $100 (per volume)

Plaque Dedications

  • A brick on the Wall of Honour $118
  • A leaf on the Eitz Chaim $180
  • A memorial plaque on the Yahrzeit Board $300
  • A boulder for the Eitz Chaim $360

Kaddish Fund

This fund ensures that the tradition of saying Kaddish is made available on your behalf at Beit Tikvah. The cost of this service is $350 for the year. Please contact Rabbi Finkelstein, Sue for further details.

Kiddush Sponsorships

Share your life cycle event or special occasion (birthday/anniversary, yahrzeit, achievement or family visit) with your friends at Beit Tikvah by sponsoring a Kiddush. All sponsorships are considered charitable donations. Our minimum contribution is $100 and exclusive sponsorship is available for $400 or more. To make arrangements, please call Sue in the office.

Need more information?

If you have any questions or you would like to discuss┬áthis further, please don’t hesitate.